About Champagne Collectors

Oz Clarke - Television Presenter & Wine Writer
Dear Champagne Collectors. I love old Champagne! If you are going to open a bottle of vintage Champagne, don’t just think what it tastes like, have a moment to yourself and think about what was happening in your life back then and what was happening in the world!

Champagne Collectors brings the online searching for, and the buying experience, to life with a dedicated web platform for vintage Champagne enabling buyers to discover rare vintages (and tête de cuvée) with a guaranteed history of storage thus quality and sales between users with feedback profiles. Users can build their profile status on the website via points for leaving reviews along with selling / winning auctions - As a user points grow then so does their status profile and rewards are given such as discounts on purchases (from Champagne Collectors), vintage Champagne gifts and opportunities to attend unique Champagne themed events globally.

Christopher Walkey View profile

Christopher has over ten years experience of working in the Champagne sector and has tasted over 2,500 labels from countless visits to houses across the region. Founder of GlassofBubbly.com, he also heads the Champagne & Sparkling Wine Awards in London.
Craig Dennis View profile

Web Developer
Craig is a seasoned web developer and designer, known for his technical prowess in server management and his ability to craft intuitive and dynamic websites. With a rich background in tech, Craig has helped bring Champagne Collectors to life in the ever-advancing digital landscape.
Fred Simkin
Fred Simkin BA MSc

Business Development
Fred worked in investment banking for more than 20 years travelling the world in the process. Now wishing to focus his time on his passion for bottle aging wines which brings his energetic passion to the Champagne Collectors team.
Christopher Burr
Christopher Burr MW

Senior Consultant
Christopher has been involved in the wine business for over 45 years and has been a Master of Wine since 1995. He was International Head of Wine at Christies and has worked with many great Champagne houses importing, marketing and selling their wine, such as Krug and Bollinger.
Manuel Reman - President Champagne Krug
Dear Champagne Collectors. When Krug decides to craft a Vintage, it is a Tribute to the circumstances of the year. We select 10 to 20 individualities very representative of the expression of the terroir and the grapes under a specific climatic year.

Champagne Collectors is a unique online concept enabling:

  • Multi-level auction formats from non-disgorged direct from original cellars to consumer sales with no history.
  • Quality controlled review notes and scoring to guarantee expert tasting notes from fellow connoisseurs across an in-depth database of Champagne House vintages.
  • Member profile building including tokens towards purchases via reviews and article submissions. Our ranking system not only gives members the opportunity to discovers some of the rarest vintage labels, but also exclusive invites to once in a lifetime Champagne and food experiences.

I have visited countless Champagne cellars and I have always been fascinated by the older vintages ageing under lock and key or hidden away at far off dark corners deep down in the depths of these cellars. Though Champagne houses tend to keep back stock for vinotheque, private usage and PR/marketing purposes, many houses are eager to release Champagne labels of years gone by to share moments of history with buyers globally.

Yes, we can easily find vintage Champagnes today via wine re-sellers or auctions sites such as eBay, they (especially the older labels) come with very little history of storage and on many occasions will disappoint in quality. The only way to assure the finest possible quality is to purchase direct from Champagne houses from their stock in their cellars, especially non-disgorged. - Christopher Walkey

Interested in Champagne Collectors? We welcome collaborations and partnership suggestions, please reach out to us by email or telephone. We continue to expand our team globally so if you would like to be part of our concept then feel very welcome to initiate contact with us for a friendly discussion.