Terms and Conditions

Champagne Collectors have set the following terms and conditions.


Usage of the Champagne Collectors website and subsequent services:


Anyone of legal age (in their country of residence) to purchase alcohol/Champagne can register an account and use the services provided to include bidding/buying/selling and leaving reviews. To use our services, you need to create a user account with Champagne Collectors. By using the Champagne Collectors website you confirm that you are of legal age to purchase alcohol in your country / region / state of residence.

As a buyer, you are responsible for checking if there are any specific rules or restrictions on importing your winning purchase into your country.

The usage of the Champagne Collectors website and services might also be governed by other set agreements and/or applicable international laws/regulations. By using the Champagne Collectors website and services, you confirm that you are complying with the laws/regulations of your location of residence.

By using all and any service at Champagne Collectors you hold full responsibility for any actions you take via the website or post actions to include sending of sold items and purchasing winning items.

Your user account is your responsibility - We ask you to keep safe your log-in identification safe to include username and password.


There are two types of users on Champagne Collectors – Private & Professional.

We reserve the right to refuse/cancel/block/suspend/terminate any user accounts for user actions to include, though not limited to, providing false user information.identification, offensive, hateful, or threatening communications, spamming, mis-use of our services.

We reserve the right to remove/cancel any auctions and remove/cancel any bids.

Other than auctions clearly stated, Champagne Collectors do not own any of the Champagne listed/sold on our website. We do not get involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller, we though offer a free resolution service to help aid with any disputes.

We offer a profile system for users that allows other users to see the amount of auctions a user has completed. We ask that the buyer and the seller, upon close of auction, fulfil respectfully their obligations of sale/purchase and relevant postal/duties/fees.

All bids are binding and the highest bidder at close of auction pays for the auction and as standard, postal costs any additional fees as stated in the auction listing.

Additional Post Auction Fees: An agreement should be made between the buyer and the seller regarding postage fees. We suggest, and as standard, that the seller sets the postage fee and all additional costs to include and not limited to duties / taxes / VAT on top of the final sale fee. The total fees needs to be paid for by the buyer unkess otherwise prior agreed by both parties.

We recommend that the seller receives the full money prior to sending. We suggest that the seller lists all requirements in the auction description area with regards to limitations on sending/posting their item(s) to include any countries they do/do not send to, the additional fees , whether they accept collection from the buyer etc.

Auctions solds by Champagne Collectors:  We take great care to ensure that the Champagnes we offer for sale have been stored in the best possible conditions to include away from light, in darkness and with humidity. Purchasing of vintage Champagne always comes with risk and we regret to say that we are unable to offer any kind of refund or replacement should your purchase be unsatifactory to include bing corked, not performing, oxidised, cloudy. No refund will be offered even if unopened. Please note that older vintages are likely to have less than perfect labels and ullage, though our listing process enables the quality of each listing to be rated, clients must expect relevant wear.


To hold an account with Champagne Collectors we request certain personal information - We treat your personal data with care and respect, and we process it with due care and consideration. We reserve the right to use this data so to help improve our website thus your user experience.


We may amend parts or all of our terms & conditions, policies, guidelines at any time.

Our Terms supersede your or any third party terms and conditions.


Our terms and conditions were last updated 23/10/2023